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We are deeply saddened by the news from the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office that the body found in the Passaic River on the evening of March 18, 2015 was identified as David Bird.

Thank You


Posted: March 29, 2015

On Thursday, March 26, 2015, I buried my beloved husband, David. We are finally able to truly grieve and it hurts more than I imagined. The finality of David’s passing is gut wrenching but I am comforted by the tremendous welcome home he had at the church on Wednesday evening and the beautiful farewell ceremony on Thursday. He is resting in peace now and we can all rest easier because of it.
Goodbye prayers - March 25, 2015
Thank you for all of your comforting words, prayers, support and generosity over the past 14 months. I know what I posted many of you shared and so many people worldwide were praying for David’s safe return home. He did return home…the shell of him was returned to us but his soul is surely in heaven.

On this journey, I have been blessed in many ways. The most comforting was being welcomed into the world of missing loved ones. It is not a club any of us chose to be in but I am grateful for the network of courageously strong and loving people I met who helped me along this painful journey.

Friends, my family of the missing are still my family and although I have stepped out of the inner circle I will always cherish our friendship and do what I can to help find the missing.

I ask all my FB friends to continue sharing the pleas of hope to find the missing. If we didn’t continue to spread the word of David’s red jacket he would never have been found.

Peace and Love to you today and everyday.

by Nancy Fleming Bird

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